Custom Fireplaces


With unlimited, customizable design capabilities, the brightest and biggest flames with a clean, modern aesthetic, this top-shelf line of gas fireplaces delivers a dramatic focal point for today’s sophisticated homeowner.

And while many manufactured fireplaces don’t have the flexibility in design, size or dramatic features needed to really wow discerning homeowners, Stellar brings a new level of customization to create the perfect fire feature that brings to life any visionary design idea.

Imaginations are sparked by endless configurations including see-through, curved, custom four-sided, corner, bay, U-shaped, stacked, round, open flame, or even a mesmerizing vertical spiral of flames.

Taller viewing areas and more BTUs of flame than any others in its class, Stellar units serve as excellent room dividers and optional mirrored panels or Envision interior create unique reflections that provided never-ending iterations of live fire or any photograph you wish to replicate as a backdrop.

Stellar offers customers proprietary spec tools, limitless installation capabilities and the only UL certified premium product on the market. Superior craftsmanship using commercial grade components and engineering excellence gives architects and designers a new tool to deliver an over-the-top home feature.